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The DMZ Joint Stock Company is located in the heart of the touristic area of Hue city. DMZ Bar is located the corner of Le Loi Street and Pham Ngu Lao street. Little Italy is located at the opposite end of Pham Ngu Lao from the DMZ Bar, across 2A Vo Thi Sau Street. The DMZ Hotel is located at 21 Doi Cung Street. The DMZ Corporation’s is a respectable member of the tourism industry that attracts travelers from all around the globe.

The DMZ Corporation found its start in 2002 with Little Italy, being the first Italian food taste Hue city has ever seen. Little Italy was the foundation of what now is the DMZ Joint Stock Company. The Little Italy restaurant offers a friendly and hospitable staff that is always willing to do whatever it takes to cater to their guests needs. Little Italy offers an elegant interior design with bamboo decorations fulfilling traveler’s expectations.

The DMZ Bar was the second addition to the DMZ Joint Stock Corporation. Opened in 1994 the DMZ Bar has seen guests from all over the world. In 2004 the DMZ Bar changed ownership to the current owner, Mr. Phuong Le Xuan. With this addition began the Joint Stock Corporation giving a casual but great dining experience to guests. The DMZ Bar also offers the late night bar seen ...

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Countdown Party 2015
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